Serving with roses / Table setting with roses

Serving with roses / Table setting with roses
max | fbx | 3D Models | 157 MB

Model is table setting with roses and candles. Objects have TurboSmooth with Render Iters / serving model with roses and candles. At sites with iterations TurboSmooth render. Polys: 497.018 Verts: 584.510 Dimensions of vase with roses / Dimensions vase with roses: X = 450 mm Y = 450 mm Z = 500 mm Overall dimensions of model / General size model: X = 860 mm Y = 750 mm Z = 700 mm All materials and textures have the correct names. Pivots are placed in useful positions / All materials and textures are correct E

serving, rose, bouquet, vase, table, plate, glass

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