Yankee Stadium with Animated Audience

Yankee Stadium with Animated Audience
max | 3D models | 2 GB

Highly detailed 3D model of Yankee Stadium with Animated Audience.

Zip files contain:

– motion files (bip) used for audience animations
– 50 textured and biped fan characters
– textures
– stadium model
– 3 max scenes setup for rendering:
1. Daylight Scene
2. Evening Scene
3. Additional scene with volume light effect (it was rendered separately)
– proxy objects

Scenes have been organized on layers and were build in real world scale.

Poly and Vert count information does not include seats.

Stadium interiors are not modeled.

All preview images were rendered in HD resolution + you can download Audience Animation Video from ‘Previews’ section on the right.

Seats were distributed using MultiScatter* plugin which installation is required to render scenes properly.

Detail link:


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