3D Total Textures V2 R2 Aged & Stressed

3D Total Textures V2 R2 Aged & Stressed
JPEG | Textures | 433 MB

Total Textures v2 original collection consisted of 101 materials comprising 202 individual maps (Colour & Bump maps). This new collection consists of 150 materials, comprising of 600 individual maps!! (Colour, Bump, Specular and Normal maps). Each individual material now has a unique matching bump, specular and normal map

Bonus Maps Include dirt masks, shadow maps, skies and reference photos. This new improved version of the Original Collection is now more versatile, broader ranging and larger then ever. There are 53 Bonus maps included on this DVD plus 44 reference photos used in the creation of this collection

Here is the DVD’s full contents :
600 individually created maps in total
150 Individual Materials
53 Bonus Maps
29 Brick Textures
23 Metal Textures
19 Miscellaneous Textures
5 Paint Textures
8 Plaster Textures
25 Stone Textures
18 Wall Textures
23 Wood Textures
31 Dirt Masks
7 Shadow Maps
15 Skies

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