3D Total Textures V9 R2 Ancient Tribes & Civilizations

3D Total Textures V9 R2 Ancient Tribes & Civilizations
JPEG | Textures | 553 MB

A superb colection of hand crafted textures. Researched and painted by 9 artists to include custom bump, specular and alpha maps and as all of our previous textures collections they are of course 100% seamless.

These textures are for applying to scenes and characters based around ancient tribes and civilisations but could be used in many other situations too, modern themed architectural projects for example. The textures range from armour, architecture, materials, stone, brick and wood, to shields, hieroglyphs, pottery, cave paintings, decor and symbols.

230 Colour texture maps.
230 Bump maps.
62 TIFF Files with in-built alpha maps
62 Alpha (opacity) maps
46 Specular Maps

Contents Breakdown:
African – 16 maps with bumps
Aztec – 30 maps with bumps
Celtic / Viking – 35 maps with bumps
Egyptian – 25 maps with bumps
Greek / Roman – 56 maps with bumps
Indian / Islamic – 8 maps with bumps
Japanese – 12 maps with bumps
Medieval – 23 maps with bumps
Neanderthal – 24 maps with bumps

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