Angelo Po Gamma

Angelo Po Gamma
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angelo po, gamma, burner, oven, pasta, pan, bain-marie, el bratt, griddle, fryer, steam table, boiler, plate, grill

professional kitchen appliances Italian company Angelo Po, the line of Gamma. the archive is version 2012 Overall dimensions: 2800 x 1430 x 900h used the following codes: 1G1FA0G GAS COOKER WITH 4 ring stove ON GAS OVEN 2/1 GN 1G1CP2G GAS MAKORONOVARKA 70cm. 2 BATHS 26 + 26L 1G1PI1G GAS BOILER INDIRECT HEATING SOLID 1G0TP0 gas hob 0G0BME TOP VERSION ELECTRIC Marmi 1G1BR1G GAS tipping frying pan, handle mechanism, BOTTOM OF H / PT. AISI 430 0G0FT2E corrugated ELECTRIC cooking surface 1G0FR6G GAS FRYER 2 “V” BATHS, 7 + 7L 25G0TN NEUTRAL top element without drawer, 25 CM

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