Blitz 3D Scene – Cinema 4D scene and tutorial, Octane render

Blitz 3D Scene – Cinema 4D scene and tutorial, Octane render
c4d | 3D scenes | 3.92 GB

This package contains an 8min Scene Introduction & Navigation Video, Highres Renderoutput (Passes, Beauty, a Clay, a Highres Image with Postwork applied) and a 3D Scene File + Textures for Cinema 4D & Octane for C4D.

‘Blitz’ is an Artwork released in march 2019. I worked on it over the course of 6 Months and spend many hours concepting, planing and realizing it to the form you can see here:

Every content of the package you can buy here is entirely made from scratch and made for that artwork. It contains over

[Scene Introduction & Navigation Video]
An 8min long video that explains how to navigate the scene, how the dust is setup using octane scatter, how materials use the texture masks and where to find the light.

[Highres Renderoutput]
16 Highres Passes rendered in 32bit Linear OpenEXR (if you would render the scene, it would output exactly these), a JPG showing the final image with postwork applied and a clayrendering.

[3D Scene File + Textures]
The 3D Scene, with all materials and Textures. The Scene doesn’t take up too much resources, you can render it using a 980ti since it’s doesn’t take more than 6gb of Vram. It contains over 20 Individual Assets.

Disclaimer: I can’t provide you with the model of the Character in that Scene. If you buy it, you will get the bomb, the dust, all the textures and all assets but NOT the Character.

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