Corellian Acklay-type light freighter 3D model

Corellian Acklay-type light freighter 3D model
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Corellian Acklay-type light freighter 3D model

Corellian Acklay-type light freighter Fully fictional ship without prototypes. Created by design ships Star Wars universe.

Number of polygons in triangles: Polygons – 2,205,723 Vertices – 1,129,027

Comes with 3 file formats 3ds max 2021 (original file) .fbx .obj

This version of the model comes with lighting and materials (textures) for 3ds max 2021, using the Corona 5 render. I make no guarantees that these materials, lighting and textures will work with other software. If you don’t agree with this, then you shouldn’t buy this model. All renders included with this product are made exclusively in 3ds max 2021, using the Corona 5 render without using any third-party software. All files necessary for rendering are included with the model in a .rar file

The history of this ship began in the middle of the Clone Wars. Initially, it was developed as a courier or embassy vessel for the needs of the Republic and did not have two twin turrets located on the sides of the engines, nor was there a twin turret located on the hull roof on the starboard side. But he had a good shield generator (in the upper front of the ship), he had the ability to dock with smaller ships or ships of a similar size. And the big landing bearings, which allowed him to sit on unprepared surfaces, whether it be very sticky soil, snow or marshland. Its very advanced antenna array system allowed it to notify its passengers in advance of danger or could find the target they needed at a very large distance. One rescue capsule located almost in the center at the bottom of the vessel was also provided, which was a rarity for a ship of this size (48 meters). The price of this vessel did not allow it to be mere mortals. It didn’t look as beautiful as its analogs designed for courier or embassy work, but for that it was equipped with the latest technology (at that time) and therefore had a good price among its counterparts.

After the Clone Wars, ships of this type faded into the background and were put on the civilian market for free sale. To replace it, the Galactic Empire ordered the further development of this ship, a more advanced and larger version. So the ship Thranta-class corvette turned out (it is a corvette only in name) in fact it was all the same embassy or courier ship.

Regarding Light freighter Acklay After he appeared on the free market, he was acquired by wealthy customers and finalized on their own. So there were additional turrets and the ability to carry small-sized cargo on the external sling of the ship, for this its landing bearings and the adjacent armor plates were equipped with magnetic grippers.

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