Decorative Kitchen Set 3

Decorative Kitchen Set 3
max | obj | 3D Models | 75.49 MB

kitchen set, dishes, pistachios, dates, beans, pasta, jars with lids, container, bottles, plastic, water, potatoes, potato, bow, garlic, whites, transparent, kitchenware, tree, bamboo, compilation pot, decor, flour, glass jars, biscuit, cracker, sugar, lump sugar, rack, canisters, rice, basket, bows, boxes, napkins, kitchen, paper, towels, loaf, bread, sea salt, black pepper, shelves, glass, storage basket, coffee grains, packages, packaging, the boxes, paper towels, long loaf, blue, baguette, jars, storage, cinnamon, sesame, husk, white, orio, coffee, lids, plastic bottles, onions, cookies, refined sugar

Decorative Kitchen Set 3

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3d max 2015 Corona render
3d max 2015 Vray
Turbosmooth c Render Interation 2 is applied to some models, for close-ups, adjust the number of interactions to your taste.

Turbosmooth is not minimized.

Sesame cookies made using Corona Scatter, its settings are also attached.
Everything is logically named (in English) and grouped.

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