Digital Tutors Generating Conceptual Architecture Using Digital Design Techniques in 3ds Max

Digital Tutors Generating Conceptual Architecture Using Digital Design Techniques in 3ds Max
Duration 4h 31m | Video: AVC (.mp4) 1280×720 15fps | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch | 1.74 GB
Genre: Video training

Throughout these lessons we’ll look at how to generate architectural forms in 3ds Max from various inputs such as graphical data, images, video, audio and simulated forces.We’ll then be applying the results to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, giving it a radical avant-garde facelift. By the end of this training you’ll have gained knowledge and confidence to use this digital design process in your own projects.On a technical level, you’ll also be comfortable using splines, surfaces, physical displacement, animations, wire parameters, animation constraints, controllers and wind simulations.

01.Introduction and project overview 01:12
02. Discussing digital design 14:17
03. Importing the bridge model 06:13
04. Revealing patterns from an image 07:00
05. Extracting an outline to be vectorized 04:31
06. Vectorizing raster images automatically 05:25
07. Displacing a mesh using images 12:00
08. Merging and editing the displaced mesh 11:55
09. Creating a spline surface 10:38
10. Editing the spline surface 11:45
11. Extracting a vector graph from an image 06:15
12. Animating a dummy object 07:50
13. Baking the animation 08:51
14. Using the snapshot tool and surfacing splines 11:41
15. Using a morph target 11:11
16. Animating morph targets with wire parameters 10:14
17. Animating an object using audio 10:24
18. Animating an object using video 10:35
19. Using simulated forces to animate cloth 12:43
20. Editing cloth variables 09:06
21. Simplifying a dense mesh 11:57
22. Generating new topology 12:10
23. Applying textures to our models 12:45
24. Adding a camera 10:40
25. Lighting and final materials 08:00
26. Compositing the render 12:36
27. Layout techniques for presentations 06:41
28. Presenting concept designs 12:37

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