Flower Shop-refrigerated display

Flower Shop-refrigerated display
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Flower Shop-refrigerated display

* 2013 3dsmax Corona file
* 2013 3dsmax Vray file
* obj + mtl files
* Textures, Map, a folder of material jpeg.
* Clean file, Clean models, no background and lighting
* If you use V-Ray 3.0 and less, pay attention to that, BRDF Microfaset GTR (GGX) is applied, If you use V-Ray 3.1 and more, the field will be empty. Select Blinn, Phong or Ward.
Polygons: 216611 Vertices: 279527

Flower shop, florist, flower refrigerator, pot, ribbon roll, wrappping paper, counter, display, pot, leaf, leaves, bucket, greenery, flower arrangement, ornament, Shop, flower, bouquet, florist, plant, tree, gift, bucket , vase, bottle, arrangement, store, sedge, leaf, leaves, aloe, monstera, tropical, fern, ribbon, ribbon roll, holder, wrapping paper, counter, display, flower display, refrigerated flower display, grass, floral refrigeration, refrigerating flowers, supermarket, cabinet, shelf, ray spot, led, spotlight, display light, peony, peonies, rose, fresh, living, lily, bud, iris, lilac, ranunculus, buttercup, garden, reception refrigerated display case for flowers, flower showcase, industrial, shelves, rack, trade software, score, package, the market, showcase, fridge, the products, vegetables, fruits, furniture, greenery, Appliances, Fridge, Refrigerator, composition, interior, giftshop, public space, vendor, décor, decoration, fresh flower

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Enjoy and See you again! ^^

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