Martini Light – SQUADRA Street Luminaire

Martini Light – SQUADRA Street Luminaire
MAX | TEX | 3D Models | 29.74 MB

Martini Light – SQUADRA Street Luminaire

The archive contains the following luminaire models:
– Squadra_MH;
– Squadra_24LED;
– Squadra_36LED;

Mounting options:
For pole with Ø60 top:
– Bilico arm mount;
– Type-1 arm single;
– Type-1 arm double;
For pole with Ø89 top:
– Type-2 arm single;
– Type-3 arm single;
– Type-2 arm double;
– Type-3 arm double;

– Cut-off screen;
– Wall mount, floor or ceiling installation;

Supports of various heights:
– Pole_Conical Ø60: 4m; 5m; 6m;
– Pole_Tapered Ø60: 4m; 5m; 6m;
– Pole_Cylindrical Ø89: 3.5m; 4.5m;

Materials contained in the Squadra.mat file:
– Gray;
– Corten_finish;
– Anthracite_grey;

For luminaires and fixtures by default
Turbosmooth enabled, Iterations: 1

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