Saber Grill

Saber Grill
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Saber Grill SS 500 BL
Burner material: stainless steel.
Cooking system: infrared. Number of burners: 3.

Article: R50SB1517

Depth (mm) 660
Width (mm) 790
Height (mm) 530

SABER® NG Dual Built-in Side Burner
The embedded Saber side ring is the optimal solution for picnic organization. Ideal for placement on small areas of the working area and, despite its modest size, does an excellent job.

Article: K00SB1814

Depth (mm) 640
Width (mm) 300
Height (mm) 235

Dimensions in concrete case

Depth (mm) 660
Width (mm) 1680
Height (mm) 1045

Poultry roaster
Article: A00AA7618

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