Tecni Nova 1290 Armchair

Modloft Essex Sofa
MAX | FBX | TEX | 3D Models | 160.4 MB

Modloft Essex Sofa

Sofa Modloft Essex
300 x 112 x 85 centimeters

Modloft Kensington table
165 x 73 x 28 centimeters

Table of Maxalto Pathos
45 x 45 x 48 centimeters

HairAndFur modifier is present in the model. For the correct display in the menu Rendering – Environmen … on the Effects tab, select Hair and Fur and in the Hairs column select mr prim.

In the archive:
* .max 2011 with materials for Corona;
* .FBX;
*. textures.

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