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Dressing table Palladium complements the sleeping collection Palladium and helps to fill the bedroom with comfort and necessary functionality. This is an exclusively feminine interior. It is an indispensable attribute of every women’s bedroom. This piece of furniture is not only functional and practical in use, but will also become an exquisite decoration of the bedroom. The collection includes three models: a dressing table with one or three drawers and with two drawers and a mirror.

In the production of the collection, only high-quality materials and fabrics are used: the back is made of flexible plywood, which allows you to create complex flexible surfaces and streamlined shapes, as well as an array of pine and beech in the frame. Practical in use is a dressing table with a built-in internal mirror, which, if necessary, can be turned into a table top. There are various variations of the countertops in the dressing tables with one drawer and three drawers – marble, mirrored or soft.

In the archive there are scenes with materials Corona and Vray.

Beautiful renders!

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