Best 3D Models of the Week Fluffy cat

Best 3D Models of the Week Fluffy cat
max | obj | 3D Models | 56.56 MB

Model of a sleeping cat, now with a wool.

General polygonazh 50 800
49,900 – Pillow
4 800 – Cat
900 – Whiskers

Wool – Hair And Fur
Rendering – Enviroment – Effects – Hairs change “buffer” to “mr prim”.
Whiskers are made by geometry.
The renderer used 230,000 hairs, you change to your taste.
In archive 3 versions max: 2012,2014,2016
The obj file inside the configuration archive to create exactly the same wool.

When the Hair Segments parameter is reduced, the rendering time is reduced and the wool becomes more matte.
Use millimeters.

pillow, cat, animal, wool, white

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