3D Total Textures V6 R2 Clean Textures

3D Total Textures V6 R2 Clean Textures
JPEG | Textures | 601 MB

Total Textures v6 is a collection of ‘clean’ textures that have little or no ‘aged/stressed’ elements. The collection consists of straight ‘new’ looking textures such as new woods, fabrics, bricks, tiles, wallpapers and Stones.

All image maps have been obtained from original photography. Each image is 100% seamless (painted out by hand) and available in two resolutions (approx 1400×1400 & 700×700) with a matching bump maps.

This enormously improved version of the original texture collection now contains 176 individual Materials, (124 on v6:r1) comprising of over 1880 individual, hand crafted texture maps (248 on v6:r1) and are all fully tileable. Every Texture now has its own unique colour map, bump map, specular, & in some cases even have a normal map. Each texture has been tiled 4 times, then had some repeating patterns painted out, and then been tiled 4 times again to give huge areas of the tileable texture.

Here is the DVD’s full contents :
30 Brick
9 Carpet
18 Fabric Textures
23 Floor Textures
10 Metal Textures
5 Roof Textures
18 Stone Textures
30 Wall Textures
26 Wood Textures
7 Worktop Textures
18 Shadow Maps

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