Electrical Florence

Electrical Florence
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Electrical Florence

OneKeyElectro Florence Electrical Accessories

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In a set:

– Socket with grounding, protective curtains
Art. 1E10101300, 1E10101301, 1E10101302, 1E10101303

– Socket with grounding
Art. 1E10201300, 1E10201301, 1E10201302, 1E10201303

– Socket without grounding
Art. 1E10301300, 1E10301301, 1E10301302, 1E10301303

– Ground outlet, cover
Art. 1E10501300, 1E10501301, 1E10501302, 1E10501303

– Socket tel. Rj11
Art. 1E20601300, 1E20601301, 1E20601302, 1E20601303

– Socket comp. RJ45 cat.5e
Art. 1E20701300, 1E20701301, 1E20701302, 1E20701303

– Socket double tel./comp. RJ11 / RJ45 cat.5e
Art. 1E20801300, 1E20801301, 1E20801302, 1E20801303

– Socket double comp. RJ45 cat.5e
Art. 1E20901300, 1E20901301, 1E20901302, 1E20901303

– Socket antenna TV
Art. 1E21101300, 1E21101301, 1E21101302, 1E21101303

– Single switch
Art. 1E31301300, 1E31301301, 1E31301302, 1E31301303

– Single switch
Art. 1E31401300, 1E31401301, 1E31401302, 1E31401303

– double switch
Art. 1E31501300, 1E31501301, 1E31501302, 1E31501303

– dual switch
Art. 1E31601300, 1E31601301, 1E31601302, 1E31601303

– Single switch with backlight
Art. 1E31701300, 1E31701301, 1E31701302, 1E31701303

– Double switch with backlight
Art. 1E31801300, 1E31801301, 1E31801302, 1E31801303

– Triple switch
Art. 1E31901300, 1E31901301, 1E31901302, 1E31901303

– Dimmer 600W
Art. 1E42001300, 1E42001301, 1E42001302, 1E42001303

– Single frame
Art. 1E52101300, 1E52101301, 1E52101302, 1E52101303

– The frame is double
Art. 1E52201300, 1E52201301, 1E52201302, 1E52201303

– Triple frame
Art. 1E52301300, 1E52301301, 1E52301302, 1E52301303

– Frame for 4 devices
Art. 1E52401300, 1E52401301, 1E52401302, 1E52401303

– Frame for 5 devices
Art. 1E52501300, 1E52501301, 1E52501302, 1E52501303

– Analog temperature controller
Art. 1E42071300

– Digital thermostat
Art. 1E42081399

Also, from the available elements, you can make a double outlet assembly with grounding art. 1E10401300, 1E10401301, 1E10401302, 1E10401303

Thus, the archive includes a complete collection in all color schemes.

Polys: 109,780
Verts: 57,505

All objects, materials and textures have names in English. Ways are reset. Neat grid, logical arrangement of pivots. The model is made for smoothing. For medium angles, a single Turbosmooth iteration is sufficient; for near angles, two iterations are recommended. The material is the same for all objects – it is convenient to assign and edit. Changing the color scheme is also provided – in the Diffuse slot there is a Composite with all four colors – just turn on the desired color. Who works in the V-Ray version lower than 3.1, be careful, in the materials in the BRDF section there is Microfaset GTR (GGX), if your version is older than 3.1, then the BRDF field will be empty. Choose Blinn, Phong or Ward – which is preferable for you. For Corona Render, it is recommended to install a version not lower than 1.5, since the Glossiness of materials is configured taking into account PBR.

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