IKEA modular furniture, accessories, decor and toys set 6

IKEA modular furniture, accessories, decor and toys set 6
max | fbx | 3D Models | 287 MB

A set of very convenient, practical and universal furniture from IKEA.

Furniture is suitable for any room (children’s, office, study, etc.)
Modular wall and floor cabinets of the ECET series can be arranged in various combinations and colors. The file presents single modules with 5 variants of colors from the manufacturer (white, blue, gray, two shades of orange)
Toys, accessories, furniture and decor for the children’s room.

The kit contains:

The combination of wall cabinets EKET, white.
Module dimensions
width 350 mm, height 350 mm, depth 250 mm.

The combination of cabinets with ECET legs, white.
Overall dimensions of 2 modules
width 1400 mm, height 800 mm, depth 350 mm.

Poof, Katorp unpainted DIGULT (IKEA).
Storage box TENA (IKEA).
Decorative boxes for storage.
Wall lamps – garlands (3 variants).
Soft toy whale BigStuffed.
Wall lamp “Star”.
Cubes – designer Metallic Block Set.
Decorative weights.
Soft toy shark.
A train.
Decor for the nursery.

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