Kitchen appliances Kuppersberg 4

Kitchen appliances Kuppersberg 4
max | 3D Models | 2.49 MB

kuppersberg, exhaust hood, gas panel, hob, panel, microwave, oven, the black, black, glass, ventilation, cooker hood, cooking, extractor, electric, appliance

in set:
Hood – Kuppersberg F660B
Gas Panel – Kuppersberg TS61B
Microwave – Kuppersberg HMW650B
Oven – Kuppersberg HO663B
In the archive one file is a collected scene from a preview.
Pivots are customized to facilitate the assembly of their scene.

file saved in max2009 format, vray 2.10

on the microwave, the oven and the panel there is an anti-aliasing x2 (turned off), an extract without anti-aliasing

PS: do not attach and do not reset XForm – the anisotropy orientation will fail.

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