Modular Japanese Temple

Modular Japanese Temple
Complete Project | 1.11 GB

Modular Japanese Temple


– Environment, inspired by real Japanese temple – Byōdō-in

– Dynamic 24-hours lighting

– Global Lighting Controller

– Advanced Light Blueprint

– Raytracing support

Global Lighting Controller Features:

– Day/night cycle within real-world coordinates.

– Auto-activation of point/spotlights/advanced lights

– Ability to ignore certain lights

– Blending between day/night parameters for Sky Sphere, SkyLight, Directional Light, Atmospheric Fog, Exponential Height Fog, Post Processing Volume

– Can work in the editor via construction script or at runtime

– Trigger blueprint to switch between day/night (useful for making interactive demonstrations to showcase day/night variants of the environment)

– Ability to quickly select a certain time of a day (midnight, morning, evening, etc).

Technical Details

Advanced Light Blueprint Features:

– Light intensity and mesh emissive intensity blending during day/night cycle transitions

– Ability to set mesh representation of a light

– Light flickering for mesh emissive and light function

– Wind simulation to make meshes looks lively

– Physics Constraint and Cable Component support – visible connect lights to surface and affect its movement by physics

– Lots of parameters to tune for both light and mesh

– Quickly change from point light to spotlight or mesh emissive only lighting.

– You can use the float curve to set custom transition speed between day/night

– Ability to set custom time intervals for day/night transitions.

– You can disable certain advanced lights from managing them by the global lighting controller.

Number of Blueprints: 12

Number of Meshes: 110

Number of Textures: 127

Number of Materials: 95

Texture Size: from 256×256 to 4096×4096

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