Penthouse Suite Level 1

Penthouse Suite Level 1
MAX | C4D | 3D Models | 771.17 MB

Penthouse Suite Level 1

Compatible Software: Daz Studio 4.15, Daz to Maya Bridge, Daz to Blender Bridge, Daz to C4D Bridge, Daz to 3ds Max Bridge, Daz to Unity Bridge

Live your dream in this executive Penthouse Suite! Filled with all the amenities you could want. This elite set has tons of fantastic views for limitless rendering. Each of the props is individual, so you can fully decorate the room to suit your requirements.

Also included is a Hero version, complete with a rotating floor to park your ride. There is yet one more version with no pool or rotating garage which is great for a perhaps a showroom, museum or any room you’d like to create.

Penthouse Suite includes highly adjustable IES and emissive lighting. The TV screen image is a texture to itself, so it’s ready to use with your favorite image! Many of the materials such as walls, are easy to change with just a color adjustment.

What’s Included and Features
Penthouse Suite Level 1: (.DUF)
Scene Presets:
PHS Full Room and Props
PHS Main Room
PHS Elevator Complete
PHS Full Hero
PHS Full Showroom and Props
PHS Full Showroom
Environment Props:
PHS Balcony
PHS Baseboard
PHS Bay Doors
PHS Ceiling Grid
PHS Ceiling
PHS Columns
PHS Doors Sliding
Open – Close
PHS Doors
PHS Elevator Labels
PHS Elevator Lights
PHS Elevator
Pod Up – Down
Lower Doors Open – Close
Upper Doors Open – Close
PHS Exterior
PHS Fireplace
PHS Floor
PHS Floor Hero
PHS Floor No Opening
PHS Floor Rotator Hero
Rotate Floor
PHS Main Lights
PHS Pool Edging
PHS Pool Hardware
PHS Pool Water
PHS Pool
PHS Stairs
PHS Veranda Railing
PHS Walls Glass
PHS Walls Solid
PHS 3 Panel Picture
PHS 3 Picture Canvases LgMdSm
PHS 3 Picture Canvases SmMdLg
PHS 3 Picture Collage
PHS Bar Stool
PHS Bench
PHS Can Light 8 Inch
PHS Coffee Table
PHS Creme Green Grass
PHS Curved Planter
PHS Designer Chair
PHS End Table
PHS Fern
PHS Fireplace Cabinets
PHS Flat Screen TV
PHS Floor Lamp
PHS Giant Flower Pot
PHS Hosta
PHS Ice Bucket
PHS Loveseat
PHS Pendant Light 3 Inch
PHS Poolside Lounge
PHS Poolside Table
PHS Receptacle
PHS Room Control
PHS Rug Sisal
PHS Section Coffee Table
PHS Sectional
PHS Small Planter
PHS Spot Light 3 Inch
PHS Sprinkler
PHS Vase Egg
PHS Vase Twisted Flair
PHS Wine Glass
PHS Balcony Hero
PHS Balcony Showroom
PHS Balcony
PHS Bar Undercounter Light Off
PHS Bar Undercounter Light On
PHS Baseboard Hero
PHS Baseboard Showroom
PHS Baseboard
PHS Bench Showroom
PHS Bench
PHS Can Light Off
PHS Can Light On High
PHS Can Light On Low
PHS Can Light On MedHigh
PHS Can Light On Medium
PHS Can Light Spot Sharp
PHS Can Light Spot Soft
PHS Ceiling Grid Hero
PHS Ceiling Grid
PHS Ceiling Hero
PHS Ceiling Showroom
PHS Ceiling
PHS Columns Hero
PHS Columns Showroom
PHS Columns
PHS Designer Chair Hero
PHS Designer Chair Showroom
PHS Designer Chair
PHS Doors Hero
PHS Doors Showroom
PHS Doors
PHS Doors Sliding Hero
PHS Doors Sliding
PHS Elevator Hero
PHS Elevator
PHS Exterior Hero
PHS Exterior
PHS Floor Lamp Light High
PHS Floor Lamp Light Low
PHS Floor Lamp Light Medium
PHS Floor Lamp Light Off
PHS Floor Lamp Showroom
PHS Floor Lamp
PHS Floor Hero
PHS Floor No Opening
PHS Floor
PHS Giant Flower Pot Showroom
PHS Giant Flower Pot
PHS Loveseat Showroom
PHS Loveseat
PHS Main Lights Hero
PHS Main Lights Showroom
PHS Main Lights
PHS Pendant Light Off
PHS Pendant Light On
PHS Pool Lighting High
PHS Pool Lighting Low
PHS Pool Lighting MedHigh
PHS Pool Lighting Medium
PHS Pool Lighting Off
PHS Pool Water Waves Dense
PHS Pool Water Waves Flat
PHS Pool Water Waves Medium
PHS Pool Water Waves Smooth
PHS Pool Water Waves Very Smooth
PHS Receptacles Hero
PHS Receptacles
PHS Rug Sisal Showroom
PHS Rug Sisal
PHS Sectional Folkstone
PHS Sectional Teal
PHS Sectional Winter Ivory
PHS Small Planter Showroom
PHS Small Planter
PHS Spot Light 3 Inch Light High
PHS Spot Light 3 Inch Light Low
PHS Spot Light 3 Inch Light Medium
PHS Spot Light 3 Inch Light Off
PHS Stairs Hero
PHS Stairs Showroom
PHS Stairs
PHS Veranda Railing Hero
PHS Veranda Railing
PHS Veranda Railing Lights Off
PHS Veranda Railing Lights On High
PHS Veranda Railing Lights On Low
PHS Veranda Railing Lights On Medium
PHS Walls Glass Hero
PHS Walls Glass
PHS Walls Solid Hero
PHS Walls Solid Showroom
PHS Wall Solid
Textures Include:
233 Base, Normal, Bump, Roughness, Metallic, Opacity Maps (32 x 32 to 4096 x 4096)
4 IES Lighting Profile (.IES)
DAZ Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer

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