Radaway Showers | Modo New Black Factory

Radaway Showers | Modo New Black Factory
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Radaway Showers | Modo New Black Factory

Partitions from the Modo New Black Factory collection perfectly complement the interiors in industrial style. A black lattice on the glass will add an elegant accent to a strict loft. Due to the fact that the grille is made of ceramic paint, it is stable and durable.

In the archive:
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– Modo New Black II Factory shower cabin
– Modo New Black III Factory shower cabin
– Shower tray Giaros D
– Shower & Faucets by CEA
– AlcaPlast shower drains

The dimensions of the shower: 1600 * 1000 mm, 1300 * 1000 mm, 1200 * 900 mm, 900 * 900 mm.

The model is made for corona render 1.5 and vray 3.6.
In the vray version, BRDF materials are installed in Microfacet GTR / GGX, owners of vray 2.4 need to install BRDF in Blinn.

Great renders to you!

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