Spiraea Japanese 2

Spiraea Japanese 2
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Spiraea Japanese 2 (spirea japonica)

Spiraea Japanese Golden Princess (spiraea japonica golden princess) is one of the most popular shrub plants.
Serves as an excellent decoration for personal plots, paths, alpine hills, etc.

In the scene there are 6 bushes of different sizes

Shrubs have differences from the previous set not only in color, but also in structure. And a small difference in shape

Height: 40-70 cm

Width: 70-130 cm


Spiraea_japonica0201 – 567 302
Spiraea_japonica0202 – 354 214
Spiraea_japonica0203 – 350,094
Spiraea_japonica0204 204 204
Spiraea_japonica0205 – 165,984
Spiraea_japonica0206 – 146,136

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Corona mat
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Pleasant use!

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