Substance Store RDT Collection 1

Substance Store RDT Collection 1
dng | exr | Texture | 8.09 GB

Substance Store – RDT Collection 1


Collection with 26 high detailed, scanned surfaces. Mixed nature grounds and some urban surfaces.
Including: Sand Pack, Soil Pack, Rock Pack, Gravel Pack
Contains dng and exr files.

The scans have:
– More than 60.000.000 dense-points,
– Polygon-objects with over 10.000.000 faces
– Raw scan-textures with up to 8k HDR

The maps are
– 100% tileable
– No scattering needed
– Work with all engines

To save memory, the depth-map is provided in 16bit (4k=PNG Good for game engines, 8k=TIF Good for passive renderings)
All other maps are in 8bit JPG (set to low compression/best available jpg-quality)
(Except: Gravel-01: 8k bump, 6k Color, rest in 4k
Rock-01: 4k depth, the rest available in 8k
Sand-05_Dirty-Muddy: 8k Bump, rest in 4k
Soil-01: 8k Bump, 6k-Color, Rest in 4k
Soil-02: all in 4k
Soil-03: 8k Bump, rest 4k)

All scans contain layers of color, roughness, AO, bump, gloss, depth, hi-gloss and normal, making them prepared for PBR and more.

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