Table chair Palladium

Table chair Palladium
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Stylish, beautiful table Palladium is an aesthetic center, around which the interior of the room is formed. Undoubtedly, the unique design of the table and the massiveness of the details rivet the looks. Table Palladium is able to organically supplement both classical and modern interior of a residential or office space. The voluminous marble countertop complements the massive base with a quilted cloth. Another important role in creating a unique table design is played by its support. Continuing the general concept, it is executed in the form of an oval.

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262 * 132 * 79

The high ergonomic back of the chair Palladium is decorated with the ESTETICA VISION logo. The three-dimensional letters are printed on the fabric using the “Embossing” technology. Unique and special charm to the Palladium chair is given by decorative elements: a stitch made on the outside of the frame, and a stylish accessory in the form of a “skirt” on the front legs. The combination in the frame of various species of Russian wood gives the product a reliable and durable construction.

Dimensions: 62 * 75 * 111

In the archive there are scenes with materials Corona and Vray.

Beautiful renders!

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