Table setting 29

Table setting 29
max | 3D Models | 103.51 MB

Another table setting for table livening

The model is made partially under smoothing (Turbosmooth is disabled). All objects in the scene are grouped logically. The display of textures in the viewport is disabled. Wax in all the candles made sss-material, to speed up the rendering can be changed to a material easier

Polygons: 869072
Vertices: 806784

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table setting, service set, dishes, branches, vase, glass, candle, candlestick, device, plate, stand, fork, spoon, knife, decor, towel, napkin, coffee, cup, cinnamon, jug, coffee pot, basket, bread rolls, sugar, apples, fruits, wine, alcohol, berries, a bowl, tray, eggs

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