Thonet table

Thonet table
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Thonet table

Collection: S 1090
Product Name: S 1092
Type: dining table
Materials: solid wood
Constructors: Randolph Schott

Size: 2520x1020x750mm

Convenience and functionality – the S 1091 dining table and the S 1092 model with an additional foot traverse – this is the true statement: a durable, yet dynamic and open, long table is an invitation to eat, play, work or just for a comfortable time together. In combination with suitable benches, a generous group of seats functions as a universal communication platform: tabletop wood, seats and backrests, bent flat steel frames and bent wood elements of an additional table traverse form a tense and varied mixture of materials.
A long countertop is characterized by tapering edges to its ends and rounded corners.

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