Unreal Engine – Station Wagon Car

Unreal Engine – Station Wagon Car
Complete Project | 196.44 MB

Unreal Engine – Station Wagon Car

Driveable Station Wagon Car with customizable materials, decals, lights, sound, passengers

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Update 11/2019: static blueprint added

Technical Details

Drivable vehicle
Realistic engine sound
Materials with tweakable parameters (Body, Plastic, Glasses, Rim…)
Changeable from blueprint: Body Color, Metallic, Roughness
Customizable Registration Plates:
– Show/Hide Plates
– Enter your Text and Country Code
3 body decals: Taxi, Delivery, Pizza
Doors cannot be opened
Detailed interior
Steering wheel rotates
Speedometer and tachometer needles on dashboard
Headlights (press L to toggle), stop lights, reverse, dashboard lights
Realistic headlamp beam
Driver and passengers inside (not for close-up shots)
You can show/hide driver and set number of passengers
Driver turns steering wheel and head
Randomization (set random parameters for one car or multiple selected cars):
– Random Reg Plate text
– Random Car Paint (color, metallic, roughness)
– Random Car color generated reflects real-world car color popularity
– Randomize Car checkbox randomizes Reg Plate text, Car Paint and People Count (you set % of cars with people)
Ability to flip back on wheels (press R)
Chase camera and in-car camera (press C)
Multiplayer ready
Simple map for car testing included (remove CarDemoMap folder if you don’t need it)

Texture Sizes:

4096×4096 (interior)
256×256 to 2048×2048 (other)

Collision: Yes, custom

Vertex Count: 71 650

LODs: No (you can create them easily in UE4.22+)

Number of Meshes: 14

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 30

Number of Textures: 32

Notes: To add vehicle to your project, you should map Input Axes (MoveForward, MoveRight, LookUp, LookRight).

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