Light Sculpture Dominick Leuci

Light Sculpture Dominick Leuci
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Light Sculpture Dominick Leuci

By Dominick Leuci

Dominick Leuci’s inspiration for The Eques Series derived from the mystical guise of sea dragons (Phycodurus Eques). To protect themselves from predators, sea dragons have developed long, leaf-like protrusions as a method of camouflaging themselves. Despite being rigid in nature, their graceful wing-like bodies, which also have the ability to change color, appear as flora, keeping them indistinguishable from seaweed as they move serenely through the water.

Rendered in stainless steel, Leuci’s captivating forms maintain the sea dragon’s elegant look of suspension, movement, and buoyancy. Working with LEDs and stainless steel, each sculptural, air-blown “plume” is set in place to convey a sense of movement. The custom-made plumes reflect light from the body, as well as the surrounding environment, adding deeper layers of surprise as the light around the sculpture changes.

The structural body of the sculpture can be customized in size and form. Each air-blown plume is individually placed and available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes including mirror polished stainless steel, 24ct gold plated steel, or in vibrant jewel tones through a process of painting and lacquering. As a lightweight and high strength material, each steel plume combines the elegance of blown glass, the limitless shaping and size capabilities of soft inflatables, and the permanence and durability of metal.

Medium: Painted and Mirror-Polished Stainless Steel

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