Toys and furniture set 26

Toys and furniture set 26
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CORONA + VRAY (2013)


A set of very convenient, practical and universal furniture from IKEA. Modules can be combined into different versions.
The set includes toys, accessories, objects and decor.

The kit contains:

Dimensions of the module №1
width 700 mm, height 800 mm, depth 350 mm.
Dimensions of the module №2
width 1050 mm, height 450 mm, depth 350 mm.
Storage baskets SOLNAN (IKEA).
Storage boxes for TENA (IKEA).
Soft toy whale BigStuffed.
Soft Whale Toy How-To: Demin Whale Stuffed Toy.
Soft toys octopus Big Original Octopus.
Children’s wooden toy “Ship”.
Children’s night light “Ball” 3DTOYSLAMP.
Carpet Wool Rugs | Temple & Webster.
Soft toy “Sea Star”.
Wall lamp “Lantern”.
Garland – flags (wall).
Decorative figurines.
Decorative weight.
Sea stars.
Pillows and mattress.
Cubes “Letters”.
Stones, seashells.

Decor and accessories for children.

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