Unreal Engine – Sci Fi Robot

Unreal Engine – Sci Fi Robot
Asset Pack | 616 MB

Unreal Engine – Sci Fi Robot

This ultra-detailed robot character is perfect for your realistic, sci-fi, near future or military projects. With almost 80.000 tris at LOD0, it can be used for your cinematic sequences (up to 4k) or close up third camera player model providing an excellent hero asset. LOD1 to LOD3, (from 40.000 to 1.000 Tris) can be used as a more casual game prop or enemy character without losing main details. Rigged to Epic Skeleton

7 pre-made baked materials with different roles (medic, service robot, army, navy, damaged..) and 1 master material with 5 color settings for a total customization. It also comes with an easy to custom decal material* and a ceremonial cloth asset.

* Animations in the video link not included. You can grab em here!:

1º – Animation Starter Pack

2º – MCO Mocap Basics

Be sure to take a look at their incredible catalog of high quality animations!

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