Showcase 015. Alcohol

Showcase 015. Alcohol
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Showcase 015. Alcohol

Trade equipment in the store: double refrigerator, two sliding doors, display case, shelf, rack, trade, products, wall, price tags.
Filling: beer, container, aluminum, glass bottle, alcohol, alcohol, drink
Amstel, Bud, Bitburger, Dr Diesel, Tuborg, Kozel, Krusovice, Heineken

– Polys: 138499 (277510)
– Verts: 139937 (139903)
– Archive: 3dsMax (Vray + Corona), FBX, OBJ, textures
– Scale: mm
– No full scan – UVW applied – Planar
– Label and glass material – texture. Reflection – texture. There is no glass material!
– Low-poly model for anti-aliasing – use TurboSmooth for close angles
– The material VRayLightMtl (CoronaLightMtl) is used – the power of the glow must be adapted to your scene, taking into account the peculiarities of the light perception of the camera.

One aluminum can – 253 Polys
One glass bottle – 300-400 Polys

refrigerator, showcase, shelf, rack, the products, score, supermarket, the market, bottle, alcohol, beer, amstel, bud, bitburger, dr diesel, tuborg, kozel, krusovice, heineken

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